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The SAIL TO HOPE Project

International Fine Artist Esra Kizir Gokcen has her series of Paintings Sail To Hope featured as part of a series of jazz concerts in 2024 in a highly unique collaboration with Grammy winning composer / saxophonist Tim Garland ( and his Lighthouse Trio.

A central element of the concerts is to be a video that creatively depicts many of these paintings which address migration and its often fragile course, with humanity and positivity.
The video will also show the creation of a brand new work to be added to this remarkable and colourful collection, as she will be filmed whilst she paints.


A Chance To Be Part Of It

Esra is offering art workshops for families within diverse communities where many of the resulting artwork will become part of the video, which will be seen around the country as part of the Lighthouse Trio’s tour around UK venues.
The title is Sail To Hope and we are looking for art from young and old, that addresses unique experiences of resettling of the people coming from anywhere, but the emphasis as the title suggests, is on HOPE, the positive, the personal growth, the love and the fortitude which has been nurtured through the process.

Guided by our immensely imaginative and very experienced artistic guide, who counts her own work as being both a therapy and a spiritual practise, Esra, as part of a funded scheme, is offering her attention to those who would love to be part of this unique meeting of art and music!

Bespoke Creative Art Workshops

* Any brief given to me is my essential tool to build an inspiring art workshop.

* Techniques can vary in my workshops; painting, drawing, printmaking or mixed media.

* I am happy to share my experience gained over the last two decades, with various age groups, hobbyists, 

beginners, art enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

* Please inquire your interest via contact form for a themed corporate art workshop, a school project or our portfolio groups.

former workshops.

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