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1801EKG2015KM kalıntı 1 - 25x35 cm kağıt üzeri mürekkep 1500TL.jpg

Using the directness of paper and spontaneity as the way of emphasising the randomness of life, adding delicate details to narrate a deeper meaning, a feeling, a memory…

Sail to Hope is questioning the big dilemma in migration; being a part of the "whole" but still aspiring to belong to a better identity.


Bubbles distinguish the habitats of nascent entities and protect them from exterior harm. Forming two intertwined worlds that communicate the spectator indirectly. Emphasising the uniqueness of “self” for each being.

MetamorphTrick is about the dilemmas of a thinking mind, the illusions created by the constraints of time and space. Manipulating our senses almost like trickery and leading everything towards an inevitable metamorphosis.

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