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Sail To Hope 32

"Sail To Hope has a symbolic expression to emphasise the vulnerability and globalisation.

Our world is smaller than ever, as if, even sailing to another land by a paper boat is possible.

People are relocating, changing life for hope, taking big risks for a better life.

Fast information exchange is triggering the motivation to relocate especially from less

developed eastern countries to the modern western life.

Allegorical shapes of clouds and waves inspired from the eastern miniature art,

represents migration from eastern world. The crowded, impersonalised textures symbolise

modern west.

Tiny people are placed in boxes which represent the order of the society. And refugees are

just standing randomly next to each other, not yet integrated but bringing a lot of colour and

diversity to their new land.

The big splash of white paint, stands for the memory of people who couldn't end their

journey in the desired location."

date. 2020/2021

size. 100 cm x 80 cm

painting. acrylic and collage on canvas

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